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From left: Arriflex Van der Fool, Marco Why , Eddie van Quuttila and Sam Astley. Terror V. took the photograph.

"Kake House Band is definately on the sharpest leading edge of The Northern Countries rockmusic.Their pro attitude in writing music,playing music and producing it on records is unfuckingbeliavable!" Guitar Player 8/97


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Our Mission

"To come leading provider of great Rock´n Roll shows and put the audiences feet move and give them a larger than life Rock´n Roll experience !"

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Band Profile

Lead singer: Sam Astley " He´s a highclass rock singer... he sings high and loud ! He´s often called as Voice of Finland." Rolling Stone 8/97

(Often Sam thinks he is Axl Rose but he is not dangerous. He is getting better under good doctors supervising.)


Guitars: Eddie van Quuttila "New guitar wonder who makes his instrument weap, laugh,scream and cry at the same time !" Guitar Player 8/97

(Eddie has strangely attached to his old Saab 900Gli vehicle.Neighbours have heard Eddie even say "my dear 900 how are you this morning.?" Eddie relaxes just sitting in the car and holding smoothly the steering wheel.)

Guitars: Marco Why " Guitar giant , astonishing twelvestring and Les Paul master, he really makes guitars sing and sound." Guitar Player 8/97

(Potential wife/girlfriend stealer.Most of time stands in front of mirror doing his long hair and saying "Hey handsome!".Well known as MachoMarco in Karkkila area. Girls-talk tell him love to do it his dirty boots on.)


Bass: Arriflex van der Fool "His bass roars like thunder onstage.You´ve better get equipped with a proper raincoat , an umbrella won´t save you! No mercy!" Bass player 8/97

(Severely sick split personality:either he imagines to give bass lessons to Pekka Pohjola and Chris Squire or thinks his bass is a machinegun and shoots pedestrians from car when not performing. Communicate with him slowly and friendly!)

Drums & percussions: Terror V. "The ultimate beatmaster , incredible technique, he actually kicks the bassdrum and your ass as well!" Modern drummer 8/97

(He´s mad about long trucks, occationally imagines his Ascona to be a 22m long truck and tries to crash smaller cars.Friendly but dangerous behind the steering wheel.)


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Contact Information

"Need a ultimate rock´n roll show, call us NOW!"

Eddie van Quuttila (Erkki Kuuttila)
Marco Why (Marko Grönholm)
Sam Astley (Sampsa Astala)
Arriflex Van der Fool (Ari Ek)
Terror V (Tero Vepsäläinen)
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